false pretensions

See: artifice
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I call it swindling to make such false pretensions.
If New Delhi is under any false pretensions that this would prevent implementation of the project, it is sadly mistaken.
This action actually proved that national interest is his last concern and can be sacrificed to preserve his political leadership under false pretensions.
No false pretensions of modern grandeur, but not dated either, this is an everyday local chippy with a very warm welcome.
Replying to a question she strongly refuted the notion of mid-term elections, she stressed an end to false pretensions, and while referring to comparative preferences between Zardari and Mian Nawaz Sharif she left the results to better governance.
Whereas sex is an obsession that satisfies and frustrates the man's physical desires, the astonishing view of the old city is a reminder of an aesthetic pleasure constantly threatened by ignorance and false pretensions.
For instance, Hobbes joined his friend Davenant in devaluing poetic inspiration, which they both linked to Puritan leaders' false pretensions to spiritual authority.