false reason

See: pretext
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The hearing, led by chairman Paul Curtis, found that Dr Rajmohan agreed to record a false reason for a woman wanting to terminate her pregnancy, which he recorded as "too young for pregnancy".
I was disappointed but not surprised when the judge appointed by President Obama shot down the Texas Voter ID law using the false reason that it prevents minorities from voting.
If a handbag is found to be fake, however, the company will give a false reason for its non-sale to save customer embarrassment.
In confabulation, however, the reflective mind merely cooks up a false reason for the output produced by the intuitive mind.
You're less likely to get the trots if you avoid foreign food The safety of the food depends on how it's prepared and what happens to it afterwards, and there's no FALSE reason why European-style food should be any safer.
Mr Fudge was investigated on four counts - giving a false reason for absenting himself from work, mis use of information technology, unacceptable behaviour towards a patient and unacceptable behaviour towards staff.
Then this question becomes relevant and urgent, because it argues for the inclusion of music in the life of a child for a nonmusical and possibly false reason.
The corset, designed by Lyall Hakaraia, is the world's most expensive bridal corset, it holds over 240 diamonds, rubies and amethysts and will be on show until tomorrow; David Kay: Snapshot; Jack Straw: Conclusive; Andrew Murray: False reason
She testified that despite being able to perform her job duties, the defendant never tried to discuss accommodations with her, instead manufacturing a false reason to terminate her over - and then fired her.
After his arrival, Watt posted a picture of himself in a Cardiff shirt on his Instagram account with the caption: "Excited for this chapter at Cardiff City FC sad when people make up false reasons for me leaving
It is all too reminiscent of the false reasons given for invading Iraq.