false report

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Columb Major, and had satisfied himself that he was misled by no false report.
You must have received a false report, or you have gone mad.
But of this she seemed to know nothing, and I hoped, as she did, that it was all a false report.
I was angry at that false report, until, finding myself on my back in the passage, I began to think there might be some foundation for it.
The first person was a vivacious, irascible old gentleman, who persisted in treating the undeniable fact of his age on the footing of a scandalous false report set afloat by Time.
It was a false report, but it got around, anyway, as I say, and it will be a long day before I see the like of it again.
He must be able to mystify his officers and men by false reports and appearances, and thus keep them in total ignorance.
Sire," said Lord Leven, with hesitation, "sire, your majesty has been deceived by false reports.
In good truth, I believe false reports have been made to his majesty, and he is very likely to be in the wrong.
Hardyman's approaching marriage had been made the topic of much malicious gossip, and Isabel's character had, as usual in such cases, become the object of all the false reports that scandal could invent.
Northwestern University locked down its Evanston campus for about an hour Wednesday afternoon after a false report of a gunman in a graduate-student residence hall.
They thought Marie had invented the story to get attention and charged her with making a false report.