false show

References in classic literature ?
Would thou have me to believe, O wise and pious friend, that a false show can be better -- can be more for God's glory, or man' welfare -- than God's own truth?
These words also hold a mirror to the Congress Party at a time when they are engaging in a false show of jubilation and vindication.
The RSS and the media perceive it as a false show and refuse to see the condemnation of killings of pilgrims of Amarnath Yatra by Hurriyat leaders and human rights groups of Kashmir as an expression of Kashmiri sentiment,' he said.
Those schools that put up a false show are doing so at the risk of getting caught red-handed," said Girija Baiju, principal of International Private School in Musaffah.
The two men put on a clearly false show of unity as Hartson, looking more and more uneasy as time went on, tried to explain away his comments.
Having slapped Mr Pinheiro, Rangoon must decide whether to accept Mr Razali in a false show of cooperation with the UN, or slap the world body as a whole.
Nobody is real in this fake, laughably false show which has evolved into the Jordan of reality TV - loads of ill-deserved publicity but really just a silly collective of pumped up t*ts.
For 20 years, more than a few have entered the political arena who are the real villains, hypocrites who put on a false show of great peace and bury their consciences in a fiery pit.
On greeting the new century, the government will only put on a false show of peace and prosperity by organizing singing and dancing activities -- it will ignore the hardships of the people," the groups said in a statement.
The firm blame a computer glitch for the false shows for Neuro Mannix and Kensington Force, runners that were trading under their market odds on Betfair