false swearing

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In New Jersey, he now faces third-degree false public alarm, fourth-degree false swearing and fictitious report to law enforcement.
While police didn't find any drunken minors at the party, they did charge the alleged host - 32-year-old Edgar Noe Lopez of Eugene - with selling alcohol without a license and false swearing on a keg receipt.
This article is a catch-all provision that prohibits offenses, such as adultery and false swearing, that are not specifically defined by Congress in other punitive articles.
On the regulatory front, NDIA vigorously opposed a proposed rule that would have required contractors to certify, under penalty of criminal liability for false swearing, that they have complied with all federal and state labor, employment, tax, environmental, anti-trust, and consumer protection laws for a period of three years prior to being awarded any contract.
The stories that wind themselves about the controversy are filled with erudite reasoning, false swearing, folly, political maneuvering and mystery.
justice, false swearing, and other related crimes is likely, predicts
On November 22, 2005, an Atlantic County Superior Court grand jury indicted Biondo on charges of Criminal Attempt, Conspiracy and False Swearing.
Forty-three tickets were written for minors in possession of alcohol, six for allowing consumption of alcohol by minors, three for furnishing alcohol to a minor, four for noise disturbances, and one for the false swearing on a keg receipt.
107, UCMJ, as well as false swearing under Article 134, UCMJ.