false teaching

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Let me share with you some false teachings that are spreading around:
If the disciples had greater faith and understanding, they would be perceptive, and they would know that Jesus is issuing an urgent warning about false teaching and not talking about bread.
In our first year, 1993, we exposed the false teaching of the priest/professor Andre Guindon at St.
We are just here to talk to (them), to let (them) know that false teaching and deception have always been in the church, and even it says it rises within the church.
As when he, as the bishop of Myra, attended the Council of Nicaea in 325 and slapped Arius--for whom is named the Arian Heresy--for his false teaching that questioned Jesus' full divinity.
The pastoral letters: 1) address false teaching (heresy); 2) provide direction on the selection, qualifications and authority of church leaders; 3) direct the church in its manner of worship; 4) give encouragement, instruction and personal advice to church leaders concerning specific people and problems in a congregation.
Further, Nostra aetate condemned Antisemitism in every shape and form and laid to rest the "deicide" charge, a false teaching given prior to 1965 and found within many textual materials.
Untold Catholic couples, including my husband and myself, had been led astray by this false teaching of the Canadian bishops back in 1968.
To address this false teaching, an all-out apology and corrective publicity is required in all dioceses and parishes in Canada and indeed world-wide.
Over time it may have evolved into a process of handling accusations of "sinful" behavior as in the passage itself and eventually charges of false teaching.
The church has been involved and is still involved in false teaching about sexuality.
In the Winnipeg Statement, the Canadian bishops implicitly ridiculed the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, abandoned the Vicar of Christ and poisoned the faithful with false teaching.