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Human beings, it seems, are far more likely to spread falsehood than truth.
It appears that since time immemorial, there has been a raging battle between Truth and Falsehood.
He said that people were fully aware and they had understood the agenda of elements engaged in falsehood and deceit because these people had already wasted the precious time of the nation with their agitations, lockdown and sit-ins.
We have set records of public service while on the other side, the defeated elements have set records of falsehood, mendacity and u-turns, said the chief minister.
He notes that spreading such falsehood will not help them nor discourage the people of Bong County of electing who they feel can ably represent them at the level of the senate.
As you very well know those unwarranted allegations calling our client the financier of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, an organisation you made out as the perpetrators of the heinous and wanton destruction of lives and property in Benue State in the recent past, is nothing but complete falsehood.
In the midst of such confusion, we tend to believe what we already believe (or suspect), making it easy to fall prey to falsehood.
It just shows what a stale, empty, creature of the establishment the Labour Party has become that it sees nothing wrong in parroting Tory falsehoods to its core supporters.
New research suggests that Double Falsehood, a play published in 1728 and long credited to Lewis Theobald, was actually written by the Bard with the help of his sometime collaborator John Fletcher.
McFarlane claims that tingle up his leg, he may want to check the facts regarding the alleged 7 million signups before writing another falsehood about this abomination.
Plato's Account of Falsehood by Paolo Crilvelli is an impressively rigorous analysis and commentary on Plato's Sophist.
Truth will remain truth and falsehood will remain falsehood,' he added.