falsely testify

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In order for Flemmi's testimony to sound more plausible, CONNOLLY persuaded Flemmi to falsely testify that Morris had learned of the impending indictment through Washington and had then in turn told Flemmi, Bulger and others.
Meanwhile, those who force others to falsely testify in court could be handed up to three years in jail under amendments approved to the Penal Code and referred to the King for ratification.
She had asked the three witnesses to falsely testify that her statement was true.
But the officer later said his testimony was a mistake that could not be scientifically supported and the prosecutor pressured him to falsely testify.
The show included an interview with a man, called only Pyotr, who claimed he was forced to falsely testify that Berezovsky faced a security service plot to kill him if he returned to Russia.