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The former president of Latvia, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, said she was shocked by the MPs' impudence and falseness.
So now, in addition to proving the falseness of Cosby's claim, Stern must prove that being labeled as gay actually harmed his rep.
What you see is what you get - no pretenses, no falseness and her voice is just a God-given natural talent.
The racing public are not fooled by falseness or easily kidded.
It's not clear what, precisely, is tire-burningly objectionable about green: mere ubiquity, or the hint of falseness in claims of environmental friendliness?
MacPherson felt there was a falseness about last week's 7-0 scoreline with St Mirren conceding a soft first goal and then losing another six when down to 10 men.
These companies' activities are nothing but piracy whose falseness is uncovered later," Ayatollah Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaaqubi said in a release of his fatwa as received by Aswat al-Iraq Co Voices of Iraq Co (VOI).
In McCready's words, "In both plays, the characters find a way of negotiating, through the falseness of performance, the falseness and arbitrariness of the world" (36).
Thus the largely positive or at least self-satisfying aspects of mobility by which peasants and other lower-class people became functionaries, engineers, and white collar employees with responsibilities are overshadowed in this volume by the negative aspects of the great transformation--its paranoia, falseness, efforts to mask and unmask social identities that were considered reprehensible, attempts to acquire identities with positive associations.
This confirms the falseness of the international community's support for democracy.
Assigning an actual day adds a falseness that should have no place when expressing true emotion.
The falseness of the fasted readings for being two hours later will have repercussions on any corrective procedures and prescriptions.