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The very thought of all the ho ho ho falseness and the gross commercialisation just makes my heart sink.
An undeniable fascination lies at the tale's core, but Jacquot and co-scripter Julien Boivent throw out too many red herrings and add unconvincing side characters whose patent falseness impels viewers to pick apart the whole shebang.
Sherrod had shared with the March gathering a moment in which she had gained wisdom about the inherent falseness of racist thinking.
The former president of Latvia, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, said she was shocked by the MPs' impudence and falseness. "I was not surprised with the result.
So now, in addition to proving the falseness of Cosby's claim, Stern must prove that being labeled as gay actually harmed his rep.
"What you see is what you get - no pretenses, no falseness and her voice is just a God-given natural talent."
It's not clear what, precisely, is tire-burningly objectionable about green: mere ubiquity, or the hint of falseness in claims of environmental friendliness?
MacPherson felt there was a falseness about last week's 7-0 scoreline with St Mirren conceding a soft first goal and then losing another six when down to 10 men.
"I wish I could spend more time at the heart of natural caves as I adore such a life that is far from all forms of affectation, artificiality and falseness," he said.
These companies' activities are nothing but piracy whose falseness is uncovered later," Ayatollah Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaaqubi said in a release of his fatwa as received by Aswat al-Iraq Co Voices of Iraq Co (VOI).
In McCready's words, "In both plays, the characters find a way of negotiating, through the falseness of performance, the falseness and arbitrariness of the world" (36).