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Meanwhile, the Justice and Development Party presented facts of falsification of 11,000 votes in Istanbul in favour of the candidate of the opposition Republican People's Party Ekrem Imamoglu.
L'instance a egalement, souligne que l'implication de hauts responsables du ministere des Finances dans des pratiques illicites avec les grands fabricants et commercants du secteur a contribue a la propagation de la corruption dans le secteur des metaux precieux, lequel secteur souffre de fraude, de commerce parallele, de contrefacon et de contrebande ainsi que de la falsification des registres de l'or a la casse.
During the day, the agency arrested its Deputy Superintendent Devendra Kumar, who was earlier the investigation officer in a case involving meat exporter Moin Qureshi, on a charge of "falsification of records".
Summary: The company did not say how many cars were affected by the falsifications.
The two want Githaiga prosecuted and compelled to refund the money he drew as salary illegally as a result of falsification of year of birth.
The top officer repeated assertions there is no evidence senior Garda management knew about the widespread falsification of breath test data.
We will understand the integrity violation of DI happening by cloning as falsification of the digital image.
Police said the alleged falsification of entries in the notes by the 31-year-old nurse had resulted "in neglect".
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- Russia's Defense Ministry plans to create a special military unit to work with archives and monitor the "falsification of history," a senior military official said on Wednesday.
Le ministere precise dans un communique que la correspondance en question, portant le numero 718-12, est une falsification d'une autre correspondance ministerielle en date du 06 juin 2013 fixant les conditions et les modalites d'utilisation des espaces et des etablissements d'education et de formation publique pour les colonies de vacances.
Why is it that Allah protected the Quran but did not protect other divine books from corruption and falsification, as the Christians and the Jews falsified their books?