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The area is suspicious on falsification if value of correlation coefficient is more than set threshold.
The possibility of simultaneous use of square, triangular, round blocks and blocks of irregular shape at identification of falsification regions in DI is investigated.
Detection of cloned image areas for identification of falsification.
The study of double quantization effect and its use in the detection of the falsification of digital images.
In Section 1, a macroeconomic version of the costly state falsification environment is defined.
This section is focused on defining the social planning problem under the possibility of income falsification by the agents.
This case serves as a benchmark against which we can compare optimal allocations and tax systems obtained in environments with income falsification.
We start out by noting that the full information optimum cannot be achieved in the private information case when the cost of falsification is less than 100 percent.
social insurance) that can be implemented when income falsification is possible.
Therefore, whenever [lambda] < 1, NF mechanisms are not merely as good as falsification mechanisms, but strictly better.
Indeed, one theory, advanced by the prominent Russian historian Aleksei Miller, is that the Filippov textbook and the falsification commission are closely connected.
As noted, Narochnitskaia was offered a slot on the falsification commission in an addendum to President Medvedev's ukaz no.