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The personators and other falsifiers (34)--those who act contrary to their own person or who practice alchemy or counterfeiting--are found in the very bottom of the Malebolge in the tenth ditch (cantos 29-30): in Dante's mind their behavior is nearly the Worst kind of fraud.
For each sentence S, define a game G(S) between two players, a verifier and a falsifier.
It is often the 'oddball', the falsifier of existing wisdom that will give the impetus to an exploratory case.
As with any fabrication, be it bank notes or written texts, the quality of the finished product will depend on the degree of understanding that the falsifier has of the nature of what he is falsifying.
37) Much of the broader public also absorbed the idea that totalitarianism was bound up with the destruction of objective truth: The popular literary image of totalitarianism was George Orwell's 1984, in which the protagonist worked for a totalitarian government as a professional falsifier of the past.
to act as a reductive falsifier of `merely human' truth" (James, Essays, Comments, and Reviews, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1987, p.
Dans une declaration ce jeudi 23 fevrier 2017 a Africanmanager, la PDG du Cepex, Aziza Htira a invite le president de l'Instance de lutte contre la corruption (INLUCC), Chawki Tabib, a publier la liste des 55 entreprises accusees de falsifier des documents de l'exportation pour echapper a l'impot.
Loin d'assurer, Mimou va, avec l'aide de son oncle, un jeune revolutionnaire pour qui le changement politique est le but ultime, falsifier ses releves de notes afin de ne pas decevoir son pere.
Elle a ajoute : "non seulement je me mefie de de Nid Tounes mais je ne suis pas convaincue que ce parti exerce la democratie en son sein ", rappelant que "Nid Tounes comporte d'anciens RCDistes, qui ont contribue a falsifier des elections.
29) In Vasilii Nikitich Tatishchev--Author and Editor of A History of Russia, he combines detailed biographical material with meticulous scrutiny of the manuscript and published versions in a bid to absolve Tatishchev from his posthumous reputation as a falsifier of facts--a fairly heroic endeavor, it has to be said, to combat a long tradition of questioning Tatishchev's intellectual and moral integrity as Russia's first "modern" historian.
Apres avoir informe l'ambassadeur d'Islande des developpements de la cause nationale et des manoeuvres orchestrees par les adversaires de l'integrite territoriale du Royaume dans le but de falsifier les verites et de leurrer l'opinion publique internationale, M.