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"He did it to falsify the exit records of Asians and tamper with the electronic data pertaining to their departures while they were still in the UAE."
Hoashi allegedly ordered senior accounting division staff to falsify the books saying, ''Our company employees will lose their jobs,'' the sources said.
To falsify ownership, Kokudo used the names of Seibu Railway employees and their family members without their permission, the sources said.
It said a Genden Engineering director ordered an inspection company to falsify data on the shield materials because their components did not meet the company's in-house regulations.
He is suspected of ordering a chief nurse to falsify data after the girl's heart surgery on March 2, 2001 in order to cover up the malpractice.
And Dr John Anderton, 63, from Edinburgh, asked the assistant to alter data to falsify the results of the test, a General Medical Council disciplinary hearing heard.
Kazuki Sato, 38, who was sent to prosecutors Sunday, is also suspected of ordering a 31-year-old clinical engineer to falsify records from a heart-lung machine that he was responsible for operating during surgery on Akika Hirayanagi on March 2, 2001, the sources said.