falsify accounts

See: defalcate
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PLOT'TO FALSIFY ACCOUNTS DENIED A TOP Hillsborough policeman who called on officers not to make notes of the disaster in their official pocketbooks claimed he did so to uphold the integrity of any investigation into the disaster.
He said: "You seem to be implying that there's a sinister aspect to all of this, that even then there was a plot to falsify accounts.
Please also direct the concerned authorities for immediate removal of Smt Mehra's statue from Tihar Jail and order her suspension pending inquiry/ investigation so that she is unable to abuse her position as DG Prisons to falsify accounts and destroy evidence against her," the letter says.
Pendleton used the identities of genuine tenants to falsify accounts and, along with Scott Walker and Douglas Scott, sold the goods and pocketed the profits.
Hidden directors' loans, collusion with other banks to falsify accounts and share deals to "golden circles".
She did not manipulate or falsify accounts she continued keeping accurate record of takings,' said Mr Ryan.
According to several former employees, the head office at Kotobukiya sent a letter to the head of each store to falsify accounts and make the figures for inventories larger than they were.
Further flak followed the acquittal, in 1994, of George Walker, former head of the Brent Walker leisure group, who had been charged with conspiracy to falsify accounts.
Willis records Virginia's ups and downs, but very sketchily; he notes Leonard's tendency to falsify accounts of the past to his own advantage and does not conceal the man's life-long awkwardness.
Managers colluded over a long period of time to falsify accounts and by their actions brought BT into disrepute.