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Don't let me disturb you,' he said, with a certain faltering articulation.
Sire," replied the queen, with a faltering voice, "because, in the midst of such a crowd as this, I feared some accident might happen to them.
He stood trying to rally his faltering intellect so that he might rec- ollect the moment when he had loaded, but he could not.
cried D'Artagnan, in a faltering voice and almost staggering from agitation.
Friend," replied the little boy, in a sweet though faltering voice, "they call me Ilbrahim, and my home is here.
For two days were they toiling slowly from cliff to cliff, beating at every step a path through the snow for their faltering horses.
Certainly I do not remember observing any sign of faltering in the set expression of his wasted face, no hint of the nervous anxiety of a young commander about to make land on an uncharted shore.
From first to last"--and for the first time there seemed to be a faltering, something strained in his whisper.
I shall be very sorry to go away," said she, with a faltering voice.
Malvin spoke the last few words in a faltering voice, and their effect upon his companion was strongly visible.
The voice returned, stammering words without connection, pausing and faltering, till suddenly steadied it soared into impassioned entreaty, sank to low, harsh tones, voluble, lofty sometimes and sometimes abject.
It would be hard, indeed"(with a faltering voice), "if woman's feelings were to be added to all this.