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This lucid and unobtrusive realism employed natural light and the long takes idealized by Bazin, rarely ruptured by shot-countershot or analytic cutting, depending instead on slow, discreet zooms that pinion Rohmer's characters within the frame, where they are prodded to disclose their inner beings, which they falteringly, sometimes fatuously do, often unable to discern their true selves in the verbiage they expend on the task.
Colne Valley Male Voice Choir began falteringly in 1922 and nearly fell several times before spectacularly beating its main rivals, the now defunct Holme Valley Choir, in the 1930s.
Doing so helped me to strive, however falteringly, to see the sacred in everyone.
It is a major step in a direction the industry has taken before, but falteringly, with limited enthusiasm.
I do not think it will do any good, but I do know that human progress is sometimes made by falteringly trying different tacks, and it will be interesting if something useful emerges from the Scottish experience.
This was to be Henry's chief contribution to the glory of English literature, though it began falteringly enough when the publisher Crosby failed to produce the novel for which he had paid, through Henry, the pitiful (even for those days) stun of 10 [pounds sterling].
Baal then arrives very drunk, sings falteringly and sadly in the dark about a 'land where life is best', having smashed the light with a guitar.
Speaking falteringly, Miyazawa said Japan should never again engage in war.
So, one can deduce, neither do we falteringly ask the price of a postcard in some foreign tabac or brave a poste to purchase an airmail letter.
On the one hand, there is the infinite, unbounded, incomprehensible, transcendent glory and majesty of the,Holy One we falteringly call God.
The Liverpool Spanish Circle is a group of people who have, fo r many varied reasons, a desire to speak Spanish, however falteringly.
It is the liltingly old-fashioned, falteringly new sound of the first decade of free verse.