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The clouds scarce dim the water's sheen, The moon-bathed islands wanly show, And sweet words falter to and fro -- Though the great River rolls between.
But strangely enough I did not falter in my allegiance to him, or realize that here in this free form was a deliverance, if I liked, from the fetters and manacles which I had been at so much pains to fit myself with.
Did I falter in my resolution to marry her, now that I had discovered what the obstacle was which had made mystery and wretchedness between us?
At those last words her voice--quiet and even through the earlier part of her sad story--began to falter once more.
His vast features were visibly stamped with an expression of deep concern; but at no time did they falter, until he turned his back, as he believed for ever, on the grave of his first-born.
China Great Wall Industry China's space industry is poised for success as Russia's falters.
As the ECB is scheduled to meet this week, the central bank is likely to hold dovish policy stance as economic activity falters, and may take additional steps to shore up the economy as growth and inflation falter.
After many happy years and three teenaged children, the marriage falters.
But the story falters toward the end, with the motivation of some characters seeming a bit convoluted.
While a residential property such as 25 Broad Street seems immune from those types of cash flow worries that are specific to the commercial arena, many residential brokers have speculated the area's condos could be among the first to take a hit if the Manhattan residential market falters.
But when three college women are brutally murdered by a serial killer whose signature consists of leaving Catholic artifacts on the bodies of his victims, Dantzler's reputation falters.
Stipe knows his voice occasionally falters when he reaches for high notes he once comfortably wrapped around.