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Although many cases of BS are sporadic, familial aggregation is observed with varing frequencies in different populations (more frequenct in juvenile patients) (42, 43).
Where familial aggregation of a disease is confirmed, direct family members of CKD patients should also be preferential targets of research and intervention measures directed towards primary and secondary prevention of CKD.
This study screened a random cohort of Omani individuals for FH of T2D and investigated the familial aggregation of the disease among another cohort of Omani patients with T2D.
Though diabetes is proven to have familial aggregation, we could not observe any association between family history and diabetes (chi-square value = 0.
6) Familial aggregation of handedness is also consistent with a genetic component.
We are also in the process of conducting familial aggregation studies to determine whether there is a genetic component to postpartum hemorrhage risk.
Recent genetic studies have shown familial aggregation of tone deafness, absolute pitch, musical aptitude and creative functions in music.
Since then, research has been less likely to focus on the role of a carefully documented family history in the prevention of coronary artery disease and more likely to focus on estimating what proportion of unidentiffed factors responsible for familial aggregation were genetic in nature.

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