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As he stood, straight as a young Indian, by the door, waiting after he had finished the message, there came to his keen ears a familiar sound.
He began to think it was conscious of him, as his loom was, and he would on no account have exchanged those coins, which had become his familiars, for other coins with unknown faces.
To me the one incredible thing is that I am here to-night in this old familiar room looking into your friendly faces and telling you these strange adventures.
Read a dozen or more of the 'Spectator' papers, from the De Coverly papers if you are not already familiar with them, otherwise others.
Every one should be familiar with the speech 'On Conciliation with America.
No reading is here assigned in Southey or Scott, because Southey is of secondary importance and several of Scott's works, both poems and novels, are probably familiar to most students.
Unless you are already familiar with 'Sartor Resartus' read in it Book II, chapters 6-9, and also if by any means possible Book III, chapters 5 and 8.
If you are familiar with Homer, consider precisely the ways in which Arnold imitates Homer's style.
Synopsis: May Patterson has written "Seeking a Familiar Face: The Transforming Journey of Connecting with God" specifically for anyone has ever felt disappointed, like their life isn't as fulfilling as they had always dreamed it would be, that they are laden down with responsibilities, feeling overwhelmed and empty, or maybe even a bit caged.
Proposta de formacao em Medicina Familiar e Comunitaria, a partir da percepcao, conceituacao e experiencia pratica de abordagens de Saude Familiar
The simple answer that runs through his book has a familiar ring: marketing, marketing, marketing, or what we might call "discoverability" and "distribution"--getting the most familiar product in the front of the most people.
Estudiar la repercusion que tiene sobre el estado emocional de los cuidadores tener a un familiar hospitalizado con una alteracion severa de la conciencia (estado vegetativo permanente o estado de minima conciencia) y que padece un dano cerebral severo cronico.

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