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If you want an instance of a true Cabalist--one who turned his knowledge of the spiritual world to proper account--look at the divine Socrates, whose familiar spirit taught him to utter sayings so witty and so wise--so true and so useful.
At the same time, Zalloua traces what might be called the intratextual irresolution of the Essays by showing how Montaigne unsays in "De la phisionomie" what he says elsewhere about a variety of topics, including the moral example of the common people, the ethic of self-care, or the idea of Socrates' genius, or familiar spirit.
By coupling familiar Spirit images with unexpected settings, Hopkins intensifies the illustrative effect of the contrasts between a flash and an ooze, and, by extension, between fork and sheet lightning.
Its wheels bear the familiar Spirit of Ecstasy on the centre cap.
This familiar spirit extends to an annual summer party in London's Portobello market.