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Canis Lupus Familiaris is the scientific name for which animal?
Well, it's mankind's fault; ever since cavemen realized that Canis familiaris was better as a companion and hunting assistant than as a meal, things have pretty much gone downhill.
Alexandra Horowitz, the research's leader, wrote in her report: "While domestic dogs, Canis familiaris, have been found to be skillful at social cognitive tasks and even some metacognitive tasks, they have not passed the test of mirror self-recognition (MSR).
Companion animals such as Canis familiaris (dogs) are considered the best preclinical model for cancer and many other complex human diseases (Rowell et al.
Si le prestataire de service n~est pas familiaris avec le fonctionnement de Kikker, Riodesk prvoit une formation de deux demi- journes.
En la monografia que comentamos <<se ha querido verificar a la luz de las fuentes la afirmacion de la Familiaris Consortia de que establecer criterios de admision al matrimonio que tengan en cuenta el grado de fe de los futuros contrayentes esta en contradiccion con la tradicion eclesial (p.
Tanto criticos como partidarios de esa exhortacion han detectado, acertadamente, un cambio nitido en la ensenanza del Magisterio respecto de como la Iglesia responde a las llamadas situaciones "irregulares", especialmente a las de los divorciados y vueltos a casar civilmente, distanciandose de la enciclica Familiaris Consortio (FC) de Juan Pablo II (1981).
New records of pre-Columbian Canis familiaris (Carnivora, Canidae) in the Parana Basin, Argentina.
Cardinal Raymond Burke, for example, has said on several occasions that the document is "a mixture of opinion and doctrine" (a characterization never applied to Pope John Paul IPs 1981 Familiaris Consortia, which was also an apostolic exhortation responding to a Synod of Bishops on the family).
He cites the teaching of Pope Paul VI in Humanae Vitae and Familiaris Consortio of John Paul II in reference to the procreation aspects of marriage.
Prevalencia de helmintos gastrointestinales en Canis familiaris en el distrito de Lurigancho, Chosica, Depto.