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And now that he's already with the Lady Realtors, he is using that familiarity to his team's advantage.
If research participants lack familiarity with specialized terminology used to determine opinions, researchers will not be able to determine consumers' true feelings toward the technology (Sturgis & Allum, 2004; Sturgis, Brunton-Smith, & Fife-Schaw, 2010; Wynne, 2006).
Summary: Familiarity breeds opinion which is just one step for a trader to dip into markets such as oil and natural gas
45pm IF it's true that familiarity breeds contempt then referee Martin Atkinson will need to have his wits about him for the first leg of Real Madrid's Champions League semi-final against neighbours Atletico, writes James Milton.
Familiarity With the Ghana Context, Including Hiv Epidemic Among General and Key Populations, Legal and Policy Environment Related to Key Populations.
The Road Warriors are optimistic of Al-Hussaini's seamless transition to the team due to his familiarity with coach Yeng Guiao, the same coach who drafted him second in the 2010 PBA Rookie Draft with then-Air21.
THE HARRIS Poll has released its Insurance Brand of the Year awards, which recognize 56 insurance companies' familiarity, quality and purchase considerations based on the responses of 97,000 consumers.
In this study, we analyzed the effects of two variables related to embedded brand information on viral advertisement forwarding, namely brand familiarity and brand relevance.
In this study, the main research question is: Does the entrepreneur's willingness to grow affect familiarity with key actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem such as economic development organizations?
Dunn, 2004) propose that recognition is based only on a quantitative estimation of the strength of the memory trace: what dual models call familiarity would be considered weak memories, while recollection would refer to strong memories.
The chart below displays how well-known (net familiarity, shown on the horizontal axis) and how well-liked (net favorability, shown on the vertical axis) each candidate is in the most recent two-week interviewing period.