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The main results showed that there were significant familiarization effects in all mechanical power outputs obtained from Trial-I and Trial-II of EATand WAT (p [less than or equal to] 0.
Figure 1--Recommended Training Levels Day 1 Classroom Familiarization Function and Capabilities (6 hrs): AK-47 AK-74 PKM RPK SVD RPG-7 Day 2 Familiarization Fire AK-47 (Co, NTCA, PI, TCA) (Company-Level and AK-74 (Co, NTCA, PI, TCA) Non-Tactical Combat PKM (Co, NTCA, PI, TCA) Advisors) RPK (Co, NTCA) Zero and Familiarization SVD (Co, NTCA) Fire(Platoon Level and RPG-7 (Co, NTCA) Tactical Combat Advisor) Day 3 Zero and Familiarization RPK (PI, TCA) Fire Continued (Platoon SVD (PI, TCA) Level and Tactical RPG-7 (PI, TCA) Combat Advisor)
However, novelty preference scores above chance for the remaining conditions would not be expected if the body part replaced in a particular condition was perceived by infants as being uncharacteristic of the familiarization category.
Performance data from the familiarization trials on cTM are presented in Table 1.
Moussa El Hayek, Chief Operating Officer Al Bustan Centre & Residence, said: "These familiarization trips ensure that tour operators and CIS Travel Agents understand our commitment to them and their clients needs.
Since then twenty-three officers have been educated in German military schools and thirty officers have completed familiarization or orientation events, making Germany the second largest provider of western style training to the Croatian Ministry of Defense.
A familiarization program for both officers and civilians can help to clarify the different functions.
The A380 familiarization flights will give guests from San Francisco and Los Angeles a chance to feel and experience the new aircraft as well as learn more about Emirates' world-class amenities and comforts.
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Emirates Airline has announced plans to showcase the new, double-decker Airbus A380 during exclusive familiarization flights in San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Developed by PCU senior enlisted personnel, the training includes ship familiarization, basic damage control, CPR training, military knowledge, and the history of Ronald Reagan the man and the carrier's shipbuilding process.
Departments of Defense and State for the past 25 years, he has taken more than 200 members of Congress and their chiefs of staff on familiarization visits to Arab, Middle Eastern, and Islamic countries.
As part of Pouliot's familiarization process, deputy ministers Brock Smith and John Gammon have been setting up meetings for him with mining-related groups since Pouliot took over the ministry on Oct.