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In order to familiarize themselves with the functioning of the state veterinary supervision system, representatives of the Inspection Body for Food Safety under the Government of the Republic of Armenia also visited the feed mill of the Leningrad region.
"This will allow them more opportunities to study their options and to familiarize themselves with the ballot itself," he added.
Matsuura demonstrated his country's willingness to host the Ministry's officials in academic symposia and familiarize them with the universities' experiences in Japan.
Imphal (Manipur), June 25 ( ANI ): Union Home Secretary designate Anil Goswami visited Manipur to assess of the law and order situation in the state and also to familiarize himself with the situation.
The visit was organized with the purpose to familiarize the delegation from Kyrgyzstan with the process of the presidential election campaign in.
Al Eryani praised the quick interaction of Germans with the Yemeni proposal for lifting the ban through sending the team to familiarize with safety measures at Sana'a International Airport.
British Grandmaster and opening chess move expert John Emms presents Discovering Chess Openings: Building Opening Skills from Basic Principles, a solid guide written especially for intermediate to advanced chess players seeking to hone their skills and familiarize themselves with the basic principles underscoring the hundreds of different opening options.
The first booklet (sixteen pages) aimed to enhance positive attitudes and familiarize boys with the camp; the second booklet (twelve pages) aimed to educate parents and children about homesickness phenomenology and provide instructions on empirically validated ways to cope with it.
In addition to the redesign of Vanguard Direct's office space, TPG Architecture created and implemented an environmental graphics system to serve as a catalyst for dialogue between visitors and employees, as well as to educate and familiarize people with its core services.
One caution: You'll want to familiarize yourself with BMW's sophisticated iDrive system before you hit the pavement, Also, speed bumps, cement parking stops, and even some driveways--ahem--will scrape the 330i's very low front air dam.
Once your vocabulary has been installed and your settings are correct, the software gives you the option of going through additional exercises to familiarize yourself with the software's features.
Always check your airframe TM and familiarize yourself with your aircraft's handholds.