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Because comparable independence rules issued by other regulators may be more restrictive than those of the PEEC, members should familiarize themselves with and observe any such provisions applicable to their clients.
They are the first thing OSHA inspectors will ask for in an accident investigation, in order to familiarize themselves with the equipment and to make sure the employee had access to the information, Atkins said.
The goal was to better familiarize client groups about firms in the metropolitan area.
To help familiarize members with the issues related to increased transparency of peer review information and the possible ways of achieving it, the AICPA has created a new Web site (www.
More (often) than not, the reason they were turned away was because they did nothing to familiarize themselves with their district and where the polling places were, report a change of address, or at least call the Supervisors office to verify that they were registered.
They will familiarize themselves with various disciplines, such as set design and construction, marketing and sales, and will also explore aspects of fund raising; to use theatre and the arts to help participants develop skills that will allow them to find and keep work in the future.
You'll also have to familiarize yourself with the process and paperwork involved in obtaining the title of, and closing on, the property, not to mention handling all of the responsibilities of being a landlord.
The Progressive itself must sadly share responsibility for this: In the last year, none of its issues included a single article or interview focusing on the Greens to familiarize readers with their views.
By using the following Web sites to familiarize yourself with the business, you can get useful writing tips and learn how to submit your thoughts and wishes as creative copy.
Issues that CPAs or attorneys may need to familiarize themselves with when working with an aging clientele include financial issues, such as Medi-Cal planning, estate planning, long-term care and retirement plan distribution strategy; legal issues, such as fiduciary responsibilities and elder abuse; and medical and psychosocial issues.
Familiarize yourself with search engines and directories to avoid millions of results.