familiarize oneself

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Alwes feels it is essential to familiarize oneself with medieval-era liturgy and theory before examining fifteenth-century masses, so these works are presented mostly chronologically.
Moreover, Al-Bader noted that such trips are crucial to familiarize oneself with foreign cultures and traditions, adding that the travelers have shown an eagerness to learn and develop new skills.
The GoPush mobile app features include daily service information, recommendations based on extreme site conditions (such as operating on slopes], a maintenance checklist, machine setup, and icon glossary to easily and conveniently familiarize oneself with the instrument panel.
one can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Red Sea and its picturesque settings and familiarize oneself with its culinary team as it prepares varied and authentic cuisine at purpose-built live stations.
Perhaps once only a symbolic number, in the case of Huang Tingjian and some of his contemporaries, Wang argues, there may have been pressure to actually familiarize oneself with and utilize ten thousand examples--or books --with possible allusions to include when composing poems that were nonetheless expected to appear spontaneous.
Papikyan pointed out the significance of the cultural events that provide an opportunity to familiarize oneself with the cultural
Beyond quirky kids and tech support, one should, just for good measure, familiarize oneself with digital citizenship.
The book definitely targets the teen reader and gives useful suggestions for any budding designer--like spending time in a fabric store to familiarize oneself with the different types of fabric.
This discussion intends to reinforce the need to familiarize oneself with Marshall McLuhan as a methodology for viewing the world through a looking glass for media in the 21st century.
The details of XBRL may be too technical for most CPAs, but it is nonetheless important to familiarize oneself with the basics.
Intended to function as a quick reference tool, this series of charts is not designed to replace the need to review and familiarize oneself with each state's statutes and regulations.