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He was accompanied by member of Catalonia province, Joan Laporta, to tour the associated exhibition being held on the sideline of the MWC 2014 to get familiarized with the latest production of communication companies.
Then Aliyev familiarized with the reconstruction of the recreational complex on the banks of the Kura river and
The initial filing took a disproportionate amount of time as we familiarized ourselves with the tagging software, the tagging process and filing issues," he says, adding that "subsequent filings have gone much more expeditiously.
We determined a baseline response for rock crabs, familiarized them with a single prey, and retested them to determine if there were acquired or changed responses to familiar and unfamiliar odors.
The Tanzanian Prime Minister also familiarized himself with centres of the mosque, such as the Institute of Islamic Sciences, the library, the lecture hall and other facilities and the roles carried out by these centres in conveying the tolerant message of Islam.
The guest also familiarized himself with the mosque's centers, such as the Islamic Sciences Institute, the library, lecture hall and the other facilities.
He also familiarized himself with the major role being carried out by the mosque in conveying the tolerant image of Islam.
The guest familiarized himself with the designs of the mosque that combine various Omani and Islamic architecture designs.
IIEP Director also visited the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque during which he familiarized himself with the mosque's various utilities and its role in disseminating the Islamic culture, besides familiarizing with the mosque's various architectural aspects.
They also familiarized themselves with species of camels in terms of categories and sections.
Meanwhile, the trainees will be also familiarized with the principles of small enterprises management, planning and development of creative initiatives in the brass production, in addition to the promotional and marketing trends for promoting the craft industries in a bid to enhance economic and social sides and raising the purchase power.