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AFTER months of relative calm and progress suddenly Rangers have veered off course into familiarly ferocious waters.
DEERHUNTER'S 2013 album, Monomania, angled away from familiarly experimental ground into distorted, gnarly garage-rock.
A classic fairy tale gets a modern makeover in this picture book that begins familiarly with a boy and bean, but quickly and wonderfully diverts.
"The most dreaded German weapon, very familiar to all Allied infantrymen who faced it, American, British and Soviet, was the Maschinengewehr 42 (machine gun) or, more familiarly, the MG 42 ...
Still, Klinger was familiarly overlooked for Australia's disastrous Champions Trophy, post-Ashes series against England and this month's tour of India, the report added.
This discredits his father, whom he accuses of having "lived a lie," but the father contends, all too familiarly, that he had always striven for "real democratic socialism." Alexander is diagnosed with untreatable lymphoma, plausibly the result of growing up in an environment that is as toxic inwardly as it is outwardly.
Known familiarly as "Possum" for his vaguely marsupial countenance, Jones lived a life beset with alcoholism and drug addiction, and as tumultuous as that of his predecessor and inspiration, Hank Williams.
Judas and Jesus appear to be close friends as their heads touch and Judas familiarly rests a hand on Jesus.
Born on 12 December 1947, Mr Purryag, familiarly known as Kailash Purryag, became an Attorney at Law in 1973 and was elected to the Legislative Assembly for the first time in 1976.
Bite size depends on the familiarly and texture of food.
The premise of the work is a delightful mix of familiar themes, including (as they are most familiarly known) Bach's "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God," Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," and Mouret's "Rondeau." Each theme is presented several times throughout the work, and at many points they interweave.
The sector - familiarly known as KPO - "is the next wave of global sourcing for India", Som Mittal, head of the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) told an industry conference last week.