family abode

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Taking a look around the house itself, this family abode is welcoming and homely with a wealth of original features and oodles of character.
Casey, the middle-child slash good-girl is fraying along the edges and Tess, a quirky kindergartner, has installed an imaginary playmate in the family abode.
HOUSEHUNTERS looking for a spacious family abode should pay a visit to Jones Homes' luxury Heathlands development, in Widnes, where two spacious, four-bedroom, detached properties are nearing completion.
Travers is a frosty and frigid middle-aged woman who resides in a picturesque Chelsea terrace house that immediately recalls the Banks family abode from Mary Poppins.
Meanwhile, Sam and Ria try to update their well-worn family abode.
In short, it's the nerve centre - the hub - of a family abode.
Set in picturesque gardens in Whickham, the detached family abode was fondly named Blackbirds after a nest was discovered during its building in 1995.
And why did no other parents (yes, that's a dig at any chums reading this) flag up that the introduction of a guitar and keyboard into the family abode would be as welcome as gastroenteritis and fleas?
From then on a baptism entry gave the child's name, date of baptism, name of parents, father's occupation, the family abode (which can be quite vague) and in some cases the date of birth.
You continue to be in a sociable space and if you feel cramped perhaps in a house share, or with others in the family abode, this could cause some tensions.
No matter how many times I have seen barn conversions, I never fail to be in awe of people who can look at a derelict old farm building and have the foresight to envisage it as a family abode.
An open canopy porch provides entry to this spacious family abode, with a hallway, with solid wood flooring, leading to a spacious lounge.