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The physicians, social workers, and clinical assistants who make up the family medicine service really understand the "outpatient resources that can be marshaled to help local patients with the transition from hospital to home," he said.
Think of your family medicine consultant as your medical concierge.
He hoped that in the light of the resolution of the 63rd session of the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Committee for incorporation of the Family Planning (FP) approach into Primary Health Care (PHC) services as an overarching strategy towards Universal Health Coverage; strengthen the capacity of Family Medicine departments and also establish bridging programs for GPs to reach 3 family physician per 10,000 by 2030; which will strengthen public'private partnerships in service delivery; availability of sustainable funding for programme; strengthen and cost Essential Health Services Packages; and WHO framework for quality improvements at the PHC facilities.
Most importantly, the training will energise the campaign for postgraduate programmes in Family Medicine, which hardly exist in Pakistan.
The medical expert said that, in the family medicine, physicians go beyond only the biological factors of an ailment and consider psychological and physical factors - biopsychosocial approach when treating patients.
We cannot address the biggest health care problems in this country without a strong primary care foundation and true collaboration across the health care system, " remarks Glen Stream, a family physician and president of Family Medicine for America's Health.
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 25, 255-259.
Conclusions:Communication skills teaching in family medicine is a complex area of training.
In order to provide some contextual background and to shed some light on the particulars of Family Medicine and its evolution through the ages a literature review was completed that sought to outline and define the most salient historical and contemporary issues related to Family Medicine.
She received her medical degree from the University of Washington, which is also where she completed her residency in family medicine.
The joy of family medicine comes from our partnership with those we serve.
Dubai-based DHA primary healthcare centre has announced it will abolish the system of appointments and adopt a system of walk-in consultation for patients who require family medicine services.

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