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The guiding principles of USAID's family planning program are grounded in voluntary consent and informed choice.
WASHINGTON * A coalition of evangelicals is calling on fellow Christians to support access to family planning across the world, saying it does not conflict with evangelical opposition to abortion.
Expanding the range of family planning choices on offer, so every woman can select a method that meets her needs.
Melesse further informed that the IPPF would focus extensively on providing family planning services to women and adolescents.
Family planning is slowly becoming an accepted practice in many developing nations, but in Africa the rate is still low.
Family planning is a fundamental component of mainstream health care.
4 states require separation between organizations that provide family planning and organizations that provide abortion-related services.
In response to this challenge, 26 states have implemented Medicaid Family Planning Waivers to expand coverage for family planning services to individuals who are otherwise ineligible for Medicaid and unable to gain access to reproductive health care.
Bouraji stressed on the cooperative role of local councils and the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help get information to the general public about family planning.
The policy has the intention of increasing family planning practice among the citizens in order to attain a balanced economy as well as to achieve a middle-income status and standard of living in the country (Adlakha, 1996).
Mr Porritt compared current levels of international aid available for family planning and for addressing HIV and Aids.
Congress acknowledged the importance of family planning as well as the uneven coverage of the service across state Medicaid programs when it amended the program in 1972.

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