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We specifically engineered the site to encourage customers to build their family trees online and enhance them with shoebox memories, photos, exclusive family documents and personal histories.
The goal of genetically mapping humanity's entire family tree in a free online database has an idealistic and visionary purpose.
com has bolstered its free services offering, allowing users to create a family tree online, upload family photos, create life timelines and share trees with family members.
Famillion's tree merging technology locates overlaps between family trees and suggests a possible relation between users.
Everyone can go to the Mayflower Ancestors page to see the family trees of passengers, read an interesting history of the ship and its passengers, and find links to related web sites.
With its new merging family tree technology, family trees no longer grow in isolation.
Then the site goes to work, automatically comparing your tree against the same information for more than 200 million names submitted in other family trees at the site.
Users can quickly find and import facts and historical documents about their family from the Internet and print custom-designed family trees and books.
Then, the powerful search engine compares and links your information to millions of names in other family trees published by countless genealogy enthusiasts.
Combines Three Major Pillars of Family History Research - Historical Records, DNA and Family Trees
With GenealogyCloud, they can use our API to automatically generate advanced online family trees and immediately focus their efforts on their desired functionality," continued Eaton.
7 Million Family Trees Created, 257 Million Names Added and 18 Million Historical Records Linked