family unit

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What we have seen with family units, since we have had to release all family units, we have seen the numbers grow exponentially.
magazine , the mom of two likened her family unit to a table with four legs.
About 12,800 family units were apprehended on the border in August, a 38 percent increase from July's 9,247.
Early detection and support during this time can help protect the family unit's mental health and preserve their competence as caregivers.
"For Overgate Hospice and all they did, but also for ward 12 at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary - they were like family to us, they saw us as a family unit and did everything they could for us."
When asked what the words "family values" conjure up for them in the context of a political campaign, Americans most often say the family unit, family structure, or strong families.
Christy firmly believes in the importance of dining as a family because it strengthens the family unit. This book provides recipes for a wide variety of meals the family can enjoy together.
The family unit, and Canada as a whole, can ill afford to squander what may be the last opportunity to overturn the same-sex "marriage" travesty foisted on this nation by the former Liberal government and its accomplices in the homosexual and left-liberal communities.
The child and family unit nursing team at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead, won the mental health award at the northern regional finals of the Health & Social Care Awards.
318(a)(1), the brothers are both members of the same family unit that includes their parents and grandparents.
Young Philip's fear in the face of what happens, not just outside, but within the family unit is powerful, and drives the suspense forward.
And with a growing divorce rate, many children are a part of two or more families and receive toys from each family unit. Besides children and their parents, the third important factor in the toy market is grandparents.