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Tomb of Philippine film icon Ronald Allan Poe, famously known as Fernando Poe Jr.
One famously escaped and attempted to maul a doorstep salesman.
The latter, famously, had paid for the film with his life, having been assassinated by a young enraged Muslim in Amsterdam in 2004; a decade later, Van Gogh and Hirsi Ali's work is just as capable of provoking rage, this time at New York University.
Welsh light heavyweight Nicky Piper is famously a member of Mensa, as is American ex-world champion Bobby Czyz.
However, he never fought Britain's finest, Lennox Lewis, famously throwing his WBC belt in the trash can after a dispute over the slicing up of the purse money.
Beyonce has released a sneak preview of her directorial debut, in which the famously private star gives an intimate insight into her recent pregnancy.
ALEX Nyarko was famously confronted by an Everton fan Steven Price at Highbury in 2001 and told to swap shirts because he "didn't deserve" to wear an Everton jersey.
Phillips, 68, was famously dropped from Strictly in 2009, which led to an ageism row.
Salford singer Morrissey famously cancelled a gig at the Liverpool Echo Arena after being hit on the forehead by a bottle of beer.
1928: British journalist Sir Harold evans, who famously exposed the thalidomide scandal as editor of The Sunday Times, is 80 today
At that summit, Bush famously said of Putin, a cold, authoritarian KGB careerist: "I looked the man in the eye.