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"I do think that with smaller, boutique films, there's inherently more freedom in not feeling the weight of the famousness of better-known property," says Scott Frankel, composer of "Grey Gardens." That 2006 tuner, another Sundance lab alum, took an unusual amount of liberty with the source material (the Maysles brothers' docu), inventing an entire first act that served as prologue to the movie's events.
"I have to admit my girls don't quite realize the famousness of Mark.
Scholarly authority, the nuanced, deep, perspective-laden authority we hold dear, is under threat by the easily-computable metrics of popularity, famousness, and binary votes, which are amplified by the nature of abundance-jaded audiences.
Outside Germany, increasingly, these figures can be assimilated into a general cult of famousness.
(230) If the junior user intended to trade on the famous mark, there is a corresponding admission of famousness of the senior mark.