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because the cruelty was caused by the nationalist fanaticism to which Japanese were exposed in the 1912-1924 period - and that immigrants to the U.S.
"The effects industry has a massive level of fanaticism and you can get people working huge hours.
Although Yeats questions the fanaticism of the rebels and the necessity of their actions, he admires their steadfast determination.
Noted for the fanaticism of its priests and adherents, it gained great strength during the Kamakura period.
In this connection Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar has issued special directives to promote regional culture to counter fanaticism. A comprehensive plan has been formulated to enhance brotherhood, tolerance and solidarity through cultural activities and regional festivals.
The session is part of a series of regional meetings launched in Medenine to implement a local and regional strategy against fanaticism, initiated by the European Union-funded Civil Society Support Programme (French: PASC).
Even the mere suggestion of fanaticism as a description is insulting-not just to these two religious feasts, but to millions of Filipino devotees and Christians in general.
Contract awarded for East High School fanaticism J-Tex asbestos demolition work
The conditions and state of fanaticism recur with the same manifestations: a closed mind, a refusal to entertain counter arguments, a willingness to destroy those threaten the fanatically held belief, an attraction for disturbed individuals, and an increase in strength as the belief becomes more untenable.
UPA chief takes potshot at BJP with fanaticism diatribe
Summary: The Greek Catholic Bishop for Sidon and Deir al-Qamar Elie Haddad emphasized Wednesday that Sidon was not a city of religious fanaticism, following revelations that one of the suicide bombers responsible for last week's deadly attack on the Iranian Embassy hailed from the southern city.
"We are against any sort of fanaticism," Siniora said, indicating that the emergence of another phenomenon such as Ahmad al-Assir as utterly useless; yet, he considered that Assir's creation resulted from Hezbollah's bearing of arms- that leads to fanaticism.