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The CPEC has opened the doors on foreign investment in Pakistan and it would also play an important role in elimination of terrorism and fanaticism in the region, and help overcome poverty, he added.
On this day Benazir Bhutto led from the front the nation's fight against dictatorship and religious fanaticism.
His view of the Islamic Republic's leadership as blinded by religious fanaticism is a common one on the far-right in the United States.
Terrorism and fanaticism are not the fate of Pakistani nation and with the grace of Allah Almighty, Pakistan will be made a haven of peace and tranquility by completely annihilating the menace of terrorism,' he said.
The project seeks to form a conscious civil society, create a healthy school environment, foster youhts' personal development, contribute to reduce violence in the society and prevent religious fanaticism.
Far from fanaticism, it is a childlike faith in the Child Jesus.
Fanaticism is without a doubt a risky matter not only for this particular sport but also for all faiths and all walks of life throughout one's life.
France "hails Moroccos strong commitment against fanaticism in all its forms and reiterates its commitment to work together within the framework of its special partnership, to prevent and fight against radicalization and terrorism," French Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Romain Nadal, said Monday at a press briefing.
The president said he did not wish any other country to experience what Syria had to go through and stressed that any manifestation of fanaticism should be avoided.
A fascinating but predictable combination of three F's -- fanaticism, fear and fantasy -- explains why otherwise ordinary men and women react in extreme and often inhumane ways to their predicament of navigating the stresses of their rattled modernity.
Set during a pivotal time in Europe, this thriller is a vivid mix of political intrigue, religious fanaticism, and cold-blooded murder.