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The operation, named Bluehawk, was initiated to investigate the alleged killing of birds of prey, notably peregrines by a small number of pigeon fanciers, across the UK.
Mr Smith has been a pigeon fancier for the past 30 years and said the hobby is "a massive part of his life.
Breeding of the protected birds has led to an increase in towns and cities and the pigeon fanciers say that has led to a decrease in their birds.
Pigeon fanciers accounted for one out of every 20 convictions for bird of prey persecution between 1990 and 2009, an RSPB spokesman said.
Birmingham still boasts more pigeon fanciers than any other UK city - and now an archive charting this historic working class past-time is to be produced for the first time.
Veteran pigeon fancier Roy Davies, 73, above, has been told he cannot keep their loft because it is in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in Dinas Cross near Fishguard.
The only sort of weather that leaves a weather fancier cold, in fact, is when it's very hot and very sunny.
When Rush whines about not having a fancier golf bag, Logan muses, "Growing up I had learned that charisma transcended the trappings of things like clothes and automobiles.
But after one fancier fed it to his ill pigeons and spread the word, her trade has boomed.
Although they might drive fancier cars and live in fancier apartments, he said, ultimately their well-being and financial security are on just as shaky ground as when they started dancing.
Even Ruskin, no great fancier of the Baroque, was moved to declaim 'I got among the mimicked rocks and among the deep pools of this most noble fountain until I fancied myself am ong the gushing torrents of my own Cumberland.
You may want to get a little fancier, or your garden size or dimensions may not be conducive to the lawn sprinkler method.