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I Wouldn't Know About That" explores how real life love does not always align with the kind of love fancifully described or depicted in poetry and film.
Within all of these and Facebook's core business of communication lay the need for efficient, customised hardware, and it is exactly this that Mark Zuckerberg's latest playground, fancifully called Area 404, brings to the social medium's Menlo Park headquarters.
Indeed, it was the sort of win that identifies champions as Pellegrini, still seeking to bow out fancifully with triumphs in four separate competitions, could reflect on a 65th victory in his 100th league match.
This is principally an amusing tale about the 'unfairness of life', however, ideas and information about politics--law making, the use of power, conspiracy theories--are fancifully woven through the story and there is a final scene worthy of 'Men in Black' or a Bond movie.
Begun in 1885 and premiered a decade later--in other words, pre- and post-Cavalleria Rusticana--Ratcliff isn't easy to stage, with its lengthy narrations and static first two acts, its ghosts and its homicidal antihero; but Fabio Ceresa's fancifully stylized production, abetted by the striking white-on-white designs of Tiziano Santi (sets) and Giuseppe Palella (costumes), supplied a dramatic coherence and a powerfully spooky tension.
Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight [Nights]is marketed for adults, but its characterizations are so simplistic that it seems like an attempt to fancifully recast the war against Islamic extremism for the benefit of small children.
Thus the superlative video Love Streams, 2015, a four-part, fourteen-minute riff on quantum physics, object relations, automatons, and "an extra-long extender-thing for the tray that holds your keyboard," a device that spreads as fancifully as its prolix description.
He maintains he is getting his game back in shape and even spoke fancifully of returning to St Andrews in 2020 in better form - but he is struggling to convince himself never mind his critics.
The hosts were talking fancifully the previous evening about the prospect of rewriting Test cricket history by pulling off a world-record run chase of 455.
The leaf in the logo fancifully seems to emerge from the "branch" of the company name.
Now I like stir-fries, and salads, and other vegetable cuisine - so long as they come with meat - and haven't had cravings for stodgy, fancifully shaped carbs, but not wanting to get it in the neck I appreciate I could perhaps look to add a few derent things back in to my food regime.