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But to suggest, however fancifully, that one of the greatest composers of the classic American Songbook only evolved from commercial success into work with a more enduring artistic legacy because Joplin nudged him in that direction is reductive.
Forced to flee with his immediate family, Elias has a vision of God (fancifully imagined by animators Rita Basnlto and Juan Medina), and is convinced his children will die prematurely for his sin of bringing death to the town.
And there appears to be a grave danger of Hatton taking Malignaggi lightly, with members of his camp continuing to talk fancifully of a future rematch against the currently retired Floyd May weather jnr.
Wazhmah's attempt to reconcile the past and the present is fancifully presented through animation and cutouts, since she did not personally experience the transition.
Rosenberg admits he's hopeful, and he even muses, however fancifully, that this stage soap opera could someday become a television series.
Johnson may be better off reading some other people's words before indulging in fancifully writing her own.
Cahun's startling black-and-white still photography, shown straight on or fancifully kaleidoscopic, dominates the film, strangely echoed in segments of a thinly disguised autobiographical text written by Moore and performed by look-alike actors Kathleen Chalfant and Marry Pottenger.
Largely faithful to the poetic, well-received novel by Mitch Cullin, screenplay filters the story through the eyes of young heroine Jeliza-Rose (witchy-eyed 10-year-old Ferland), the precocious only child of rock guitarist Noah (Jeff Bridges, almost unrecognizable at first) and the fancifully named Queen Gunhilda (Jennifer Tilly), a bedridden hysteric with a long, blond fright-do.
Chris Fernando Jeffrey Carlson Elizabeth Hawkins Marin Ireland David Lewis Pablo Schreiber A twisty dark comedy about ambition and ruthlessness, with a fancifully elaborate Hitchcockian revenge plot up its sleeve, "Manuscript" advertises its cleverness with an air of self-safisfacton while artfully attempting to mask its implausibility with erudite hipster wit.
Her character sets off sparks as a brittle, simmering pot of resentment, rivalry, irritation and self-preservation, but is let down by poor writing when she fancifully spins the disastrous evening into a triumphant elevation from the invisible margins of middle age.
A certain forced irony abruptly caps the thriller and leads one to wonder bow much of Stander's life has been fancifully reconstructed.
And in an unconvincing sequence that shifts the film from the realm of the fancifully acceptable to the thoroughly implausible, she expresses musical solidarity on-air with some striking transportation workers in a way that ought to get her fired but instead leads to a professional opportunity that tests her newfound awareness just as Jack's prophesied deadline arrives.