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72, "In this rather labored conceit of interest-bearing funds, a play--deliberately situated in the tenth line--on a posterity of ten producing a posterity of ten times that number reveals the degree to which Shakespeare could be entranced by fancifulness."
This first solo outing by writer-director Denis Chouinard would have benefited from some of the gritty realism of his debut outing, "Stowaways" (1997), co-directed with Nicolas Wadimoff, instead of the increasing fancifulness that afflicts the pic's second haft.
Amid all this fancifulness, the real nitty-gritty of compiling the memories frames the story and brings it back down to earth.
Its most enduring contribution may be its indirect attempt at ridiculing the fancifulness of magical realism, a style that has done too much to disturb and reinvent the Hispanic world.
Amis does not like foreigners, amongst whom he includes Welshmen, notably Dylan Thomas: 'ranting, canting Thomas', whose poetry is 'all surface' (an extraordinary taunt, in view of its multilayered and at times cryptic depths, difficult but always rewarding to penetrate), whose prose is 'tainted with fancifulness'.
They tend to see some artistry or fancifulness in user interface designs, but generally regard internal interfaces as entirely lacking in artistic character.
The names he came up with for 'his' motives, however fanciful they might seem to us today (and however 'approximate' he may have wanted them to appear - but it is their fancifulness, not their approximateness, that dates them so badly), were more or less the only ones he could have given them at the time.(104) (The 'relativistic' leitmotivic interpretations of Dahlhaus et al.
If one is worried by the fancifulness of the example, there are cases we can conceive of a lot closer to our human home.
The name bhl exemplifies the fancifulness of the writer's method.
"There's a spectrum of fancifulness in a lot of story theatre that sort of stays above the neck--it's really intellectual, and it just plays into iconic truths we've come to know about iconic works of fiction," says Cohen.
Bought by William Randolph Hearst in 1937, and now installed in the Huntington Museum and Art Gallery in California, it doubtless only gained in fancifulness as k passed through the studios of Paramount Pictures.
As narrator, she filters the persuasiveness of Wilson's hard nosed pragmatism grounded in analysis of social issues and resistance to bourgeois materialism, while Felicia's revolutionary ideals are represented as female airhaired fancifulness. Anna notices Wilson's reactions; his face, which he keeps averted, 'took on a certain opacity as [Felicia] began to speak' (86).