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One trend that many women are embracing is fancily designed and decorated nails.
And so as I regarded the lone and fancily preserved Gettysburg article on the otherwise bare expanse of Wedgewood-blue wall above my monitor--perhaps the literary equivalent of a shellacked swordfish--and imagined, as any fisher will, other plasticized neighbors to the right and left of his now too-familiar, muc h-ado-already-made-about catch, i.
The rhapsode Ion is similarly fancily dressed in Plato's dialogue of that name--a match for his embellished speaking style (Ion 530b-d).
Appendix Table 10 Percent Distribution of Children by Past Fancily Planning and Mother's Educational Status (N=1301) Mother's Education (Years) Family Planning No Education 1-8 9 or More Users 40.
From what I could tell, working for a cruise line does not easily accommodate fancily life.
Her bakery, which is her work and pleasure, came into being by way of a batch of fancily decorated sugar cookies she made and sold to galleries and gourmet shops one Valentine's Day in the '70s.
The Availability and Accessibility of the Contraceptive Implant from Family Planning Agencies in the United States, 1991-1992," Fancily Planning Perspectives, 26:4-10, 1994.
That increasingly became unacceptable as people got used to more fancily produced pieces in their evening news and the competition got more intense.
Some varieties are striped with darker colors or fancily frilled at petal edges.
The 'real,' effective and long-term solution to the drug problem is not, believe it or not, EJKs, 'tokhang,' or any newfangled, fancily named police or military operation.