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The Greeks started it, then the Romans made it a bit more fancy - then came the Renaissance period and all sorts of fanciness. It really was elaborate.
The house that he had planned `Plain, big, straight, ordinary, you know,' A paradigm of rigour and correction, Rebuke to fanciness and shrine to limit, Stood firmer than ever for its own idea Like a printed X-ray for the X-rayed body.
Again, fanciness isn't important, but the building should keep the flock at a comfortable 55 [degrees] to 85 [degrees].
People still, in Class-A urban office buildings, want beautiful lobbies, but I think the lobby sizes have gotten smaller." Others are more adamant that functionality now comes before fanciness.
Meanwhile, to my hosts and trip-expeditors for this terrific Greek Spring, well, if I knew the Greek words for some fanciness like "Hail and farewell," I would be shameless and say it, but as it is I will just say thanks, many thanks, again.
(The fanciness of the decoration suggests that the s t was worn by an important and wealthy man, Emperor Maximilian II.)
Icing gives most cakes their fanciness, but baking containers are what turn this fine-textured pound cake into a castle.
For extra fanciness, you can also add edible flowers like pansies or even rose petals from the garden.
Proper fitting and shape is certainly more important than fanciness, however I definitely intend to purchase both of these New Frontiers so they will soon be fitted with custom grips to match the beauty of the metal finish.