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Meanwhile, to my hosts and trip-expeditors for this terrific Greek Spring, well, if I knew the Greek words for some fanciness like "Hail and farewell," I would be shameless and say it, but as it is I will just say thanks, many thanks, again.
The fanciness of the decoration suggests that the s t was worn by an important and wealthy man, Emperor Maximilian II.
Icing gives most cakes their fanciness, but baking containers are what turn this fine-textured pound cake into a castle.
uk Real thing: PS300 Floral fanciness This flowery fantastic-ness from Sainsbury's wins hands down as our fave supermarket designer-a-like for 2016.
Proper fitting and shape is certainly more important than fanciness, however I definitely intend to purchase both of these New Frontiers so they will soon be fitted with custom grips to match the beauty of the metal finish.
The cuisine never hits the gastronomic heights of guide book fanciness but it doesn't set out to, and this is reflected in price.