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The fanlike units of crystallites, however, imply systematic and sequential layers of mineral during forward growth of the shell from the aperture.
Fins are fanlike structures used for steering, balancing, and moving.
Fan: Used most often as a focal point, branches are shaped into a fanlike pattern.
Only about 8' wide, the nebula is well-defined along its northwestern edge, where it encloses a pair of 10th-magnitude stars (the source of the reflected light) but the fanlike southeastern portion is tenuous.
It provides a fanlike detection area covering up to 10', and it continues to sound until shut off by a caregiver.
The posterior band is smaller and has a fanlike configuration.
Smaller but even less transformed are the primeval-looking waterdogs and the mudpuppy, all of which keep their fanlike external gills.
Additional, tightly curved tendrils project from the palmettes, and within the knotlike tendril pattern are smaller, opposing, fanlike palmettes.
The girders supporting the loop are distributed in a fanlike pattern in order to minimise the pressure exerted on the ground, and because the platform is raised, it also reduced the need to cut down large numbers of trees or to fill in any of the park's 13 ponds.
By twos at moonset, palm trees, up from seeds Big as a child's heart, whisper their asides-- Glittery, fanlike, alternating, slow Pointers in the art of how to grow
org) and the craggy hills and cliffs of southern California include the bottlebrush tree, with its oddly shaped garish flowers; the screw pine, with its fanlike topknots and spindly trunks; and the fishtail palm, with its gently nodding plumes.