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As early as September 10, AFU executive members were expressing surprise at the strong support being received from nonunion fanners.
86) The expatriates also distributed rice seeds to fanners and provided them with hand tools.
Yet, locally, while local fanners, some conservation officials and private trusts were willing to help, many state conservation personnel did not support the notion at first--dismissing the proposed programme as a "merely academic exercise of very dubious conservation value" which would produce only a "lookalike".
More than 40,000 smallholder fanners in East Africa have adopted this system and have seen their maize yields increase from one ton per hectare to three-and-one-half tons, thus demonstrating the huge benefits of shifting research away from toxic chemicals to science-based ecological systems.
A list of fanners was prepared in each village and then 20 fanners were randomly selected from different sizes in proportion to their number.
Mississippi fanners are increasingly using poultry litter to fertilize fields because the nitrogen in the litter boosts yields, and it cuts back on fertilizer costs.
It also serves as the permanent home for Wenatchee Valley Fanners Market.
Comparison of deferent tillage, control traffic systems in Khuzestan province potato fanners.
Fanners from across the state are busy setting up their displays for Seacoast Eat Local's winter farmers market, arranging baskets of potatoes, green and purple cabbage, carrots, butternut squash, maple syrup, locally raised meats, milk, eggs, apple cider and honey before the shoppers arrive.
Individual fanners working alone continued to detennine their own starting dates, but all, with few exceptions, followed the date stipulated by the headman for the communal activities.
Also, most retailers perceive large farmers to be more loyal than fanners perceive themselves to be.
The expanded use of food-based biofuels was a strong contributor to pesticide amines demand growth from 2002 to 2012, as fanners in the Americas rapidly expanded the production of pesticide-resistant crops in an effort to boost yields and satisfy the increased biofuel crop demand.