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It can be uses as a jumping off point to do further research on the beasts and preparation to discover the fantastical beasts of the folklore in other cultures.
Animation) gives us more room to tackle weighty issues if we include fantastical elements," Kwapis says.
It is chock-full of crazy names and fantastical storm phenomena that will annoy or amuse, depending on the reader.
A fantastical blend of Jane Eyre's Gothic romance, and Robert Louis Stevenson's unfettered sense of adventure, Zafon's cinematic writing style conjures up a rich, ethereal landscape and imagery that is nothing short of magic.
Doodling, a travelling artist who takes suggestions from schoolchildren in order to create fantastical hybrid animals.
The Georgian-born actor/director last appeared onstage in 2010, and he believes the mad scientist suits his own tendency toward the physical and the fantastical.
Classic fairy tales have traditionally used many gothic and fantastical elements.
The first curious assumption is that fact equals "realistic," which equals "true," while fiction equals religious or fantastical (take your pick), which equals "false.
This year's theme comes in the form of the mysterious Mythical Maze, which challenges children to journey through a labyrinth full of fantastical creatures from legend and mythology.
INTRODUCE children to a fantastical world of legend and mythology and keep them reading throughout the school summer holidays.
If you have Fantastical 2, you can add new events the Fantastical way