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There was not one straight floor from the foundation to the roof; the ceilings were so fantastically clouded by smoke and dust, that old women might have told fortunes in them better than in grouts of tea; the dead-cold hearths showed no traces of having ever been warmed but in heaps of soot that had tumbled down the chimneys, and eddied about in little dusky whirlwinds when the doors were opened.
So much of what was fantastically true to his own knowledge of this utterly careless Eugene, mingled with the answer, that Mortimer could not receive it as a mere evasion.
And now," said the king, fantastically poking the taper corner of his sugar-loaf hat into the sexton's eye, and thereby occasioning him the most exquisite pain; "and now, show the man of misery and gloom, a few of the pictures from our own great storehouse
On her first overnight visit to grandma's house, three items fantastically help a little girl feel less homesick.
The squad, aged between 11 and 15, performed fantastically well in extreme temperatures and their coach Adam Taylor said: "After a freak accident jeopardised the open meet, City of Birmingham Juniors stayed focused and prepared the best they could for what turned out to be a fantastic competition for the squad.
It was fantastically useful because I'd always imagined these police officers were just people and that's exactly what they are.
Against Bolton we defended fantastically, so our defenders will have gone into the dressing room and then to the hotel thinking about their performances and what they did well.
I think Middlesbrough as a club have supported England fantastically well," he said.
You look at the game at Tottenham, we played fantastically.
I will leave him to it, he picks the team and the team has done fantastically well.
Hardy spokeswoman and keen angler Lucy Bowden said: "The availability of waders to fit ladies is very small and, although the new waders from Hardy are not made specifically for us girls, they fit fantastically and, what's more they look good too.
Alex love, you're hugely talented, fantastically gorgeous, and about to be in the money.