far off

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40 a barrel at 0141 GMT, up 3 cents from their last close, and not far off the $60.
When you get to the end, which is not far off for me, what you are gonna regret is what you didn't do right.
I have a lot of respect for him but I am far off that level he played for Liverpool.
A renowned social worker, Sarwar Chahchar said that this would further accelerate the development of far off areas.
Dandelions close their shaded heads, the windmill sleeps, dreaming of far off places it's never seen.
Today, in the Negev, one doesnat have to travel very far off the beaten track to find new Bedouin settlements.
We haven't made any decision to do this," and added: "This entire thing is very far off.
The report focuses on students who start out far off track--well below the achievement level that those with average growth trajectories need to reach college and career readiness targets in a specified later grade.
It is worth mentioning here that NBP is present in far off and remotest areas of Pakistan.
Sometimes there's a cosmic shiver-down-the-spine moment - usually caused by a far-off feel to the vocals and piano - but mostly it skis too far off the mainstream musical piste.
And from the far off lands, they came, Their call, unbidden too.
1 : far off in place or time <remote countries> <the remote past>