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The far-famed secret agent [delta] of the late Baron Stott-Wartenheim's alarmist despatches was not the man to break into such mysteries.
Leo Hunter's recitation of her far-famed 'Ode to an Expiring Frog,' which was encored once, and would have been encored twice, if the major part of the guests, who thought it was high time to get something to eat, had not said that it was perfectly shameful to take advantage of Mrs.
In many a bright and favored land far-famed in song and lore;
British roast beef is so far-famed that even the French who think that they invented not only cuisine, but food itself, genuflect" - Sir Terry Wogan.
It is far-famed the alleged triangle of the pressure quality-price-time limit.
Then his warriors laid him in the middle of it, mourning a lord far-famed and beloved.