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The CD has brought us the far-famed Michna's opus in a novel, yet original beauty
In many a bright and favored land far-famed in song and lore;
Born on February 14, 1859, George Ferris was an American engineer who is known for designing and constructing the far-famed Ferris Wheel.
British roast beef is so far-famed that even the French who think that they invented not only cuisine, but food itself, genuflect" - Sir Terry Wogan.
It is far-famed the alleged triangle of the pressure quality-price-time limit.
Then his warriors laid him in the middle of it, mourning a lord far-famed and beloved.
Here lyeth William Laidlaw, the far-famed Will o' Phaup, who for feats of frolic, agility and strength, had no equal in his day .
In 1813, a sonnet on Ludlow Castle was written that started: 'Here Milton sang/ What needs a greater spell/ to lure thee stranger/ To these far-famed walls?
It makes her life's achievement all the more impressive, and all the worthier of being as far-famed and revered as it is.