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The establishment of the telecentres will be completed by next three years and will bring a positive change by enhancing the access to the underprivileged communities of far-flung areas through technology", She added.
Meanwhile, in its continuous distribution of agricultural seedlings to far-flung communities, the USAD team handed over 200 packs of vegetable seeds such as okra, eggplant, squash and string beans, 10 bags of corn seeds, and 1 kilo of falcata certified seeds in that same town of Loreto.
Malanyaon thanked the OPAPP and the DILG for their constant support that has been helping improve the lives of residents in far-flung communities.
He said they have completed seven projects including school and water schemes in these far-flung areas, which had been ignored during all the governments.
In 1986, then-primate Ted Scott named Bishop Clarke as Bishop Ordinary to the Canadian Forces, a position that oversees Canadian military chaplains and represents an even more far-flung constituency than the Arctic.
The apex of popular interest in decorative murals occurred in nineteenth-century France, when they were used to bring far-flung landscapes into the homes of the rich--a form of armchair travel.
Award-winning journalist Cynthia Reynolds and hummingbird admirer and artist Catherine McClung present The Far-Flung Adventures of Homer the Hummer, a delightful picturebook following the adventures of a ruby-throated hummingbird (no bigger than a person's index finger
Teachers and administrators use it to connect with far-flung peers.
It is also Tokyo's most far-flung "suburb," being administratively a part of the capital metropolis despite its location--about 1900 kilometers southeast of Tokyo City Hall and a quarter of the distance from Shinjuku's towers to the sands of Waikiki.
The far-flung realm of IT, in combination with the scale and speed of change that IT is required to enact, make this a formidable task even for the most efficient companies.
Far-flung gems include tours of the Grand Canyon or South African game parks.
Many know something of Exupery's life as a pilot, his mail runs to dangerous and far-flung lands, his 1936 crash in the Libyan desert and his subsequent survival.