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A member of Parsons Board of Governors since 2002, and now a vice-chair of Parsons board and a trustee of The New School, Johnson's support of the school has been substantial and far-ranging.
com has compiled a far-ranging collection of articles which would have made CTV's little movie much more interesting.
Our Health At Risk is must reading for thinkers who cherish their good health and wish to guard it with wise choices from a far-ranging host of natural healing modalities rather than succumbing to the one system--one way medical myth.
So finds a new, far-ranging study released by The Conference Board in conjunction with The Group of Thirty, a private nonprofit, international group dedicated to increasing understanding of critical global economic and financial issues.
Thus, proposals as far-ranging as FSC/ETI, tax shelters and penalties, requiring CEOs to sign federal tax returns, and making the Internet tax moratorium permanent remain unresolved and will be revisited in 2004.
The six-part investigation is far-ranging, both in its scope and in its telling: Prichard and Surendran document not only the history and consequences of the federal decision to permit companies to pay directly the salaries of the inspectors who police their plants, but also tell the stories of the startling human cost of corrupted meat.
GEAPS Associates Board President Tom Runyon cited Towne's far-ranging influence as an innovative designer of grain-storage and handling systems as well as his commitment to industry safety.
His role is equal to that of a captain of industry or a chief executive of a large company, in terms of the responsibility placed on him, the far-ranging nature of his work and the number of employees involved.
In this far-ranging book, science journalist Highfield illustrates how the realms of magic and science can be intertwined.
This translation manifests the far-ranging scholarship that produced the book in the sixteenth century and the answering labor that has now brought it into English.
He expects more news shortly on another form of a renewable energy joint venture "that is equally as significant and could have far-ranging impacts, not just in Sudbury, but in the Northern Ontario economy and have a big impact on the agricultural sector.
As chief scientist of Xerox and former director of its Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), John Seely Brown was responsible for guiding one of the most famous technology think tanks in the world and leading one of the most celebrated and far-ranging corporate research efforts.