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Second, SAIT offers the industry's most far-sighted roadmap for compatible growth, pointing to a future that's both brighter and much closer than many had thought possible.
Wouldn't it be great if Georgia were in the forefront of this groundbreaking legislation that shows such far-sighted thinking
I congratulate these two associations, as well as all of you who perform this far-sighted service to music.
The conversion of the nineteenth century Roger de Lluria barracks into the university's Law Faculty is the latest architectural project commissioned by Pompeu Fabra's far-sighted and imaginative Rector.
Salvation Army branches tackled issues that today seem far-sighted and progressive.
I find ASAE to be a global group of committed engineers working together to achieve far-sighted goals for the future.
The board and other far-sighted backers of the proposal pulled in 55 groups to support the tax increase.
Selfish group interests would surely be dissolved in a warm bath of reason and good will, where the tub was in the protective hands of a far-sighted establishment--or rather, Establishment.
Prince Saud is an exceptionally balanced grandson of Ibn Saud, wise, a good listener and far-sighted (see detailed profiles in Vol.
A small but growing number of far-sighted government agencies and private developers are addressing these issues with an approach that has been called both "New Urbanism" and "New Traditionalism.
Yet, McCarthy's purpose in writing this book at age eighty is entirely optimistic: He seeks to awaken the populace once more, noting in his closing a poem that, "Now, far-sighted I see the distant danger.