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I believe that EU will eliminate the difficulties experienced in Turkey's negotiation process from time to time by the help of a far-sighted vision deriving from its historical relations with Turkey," he said.
Despite such interesting and important challenges, the generosity of individuals and foundations and the support of far-sighted corporations and industry consortia are central to maintaining and enhancing America's outstanding system of higher education.
TowerGroup notes that financial institutions dismissing evolving payments models as quirky or meaningless to their current business strategies risk being supplanted by more nimble and far-sighted competitors.
The wise and far-sighted men who founded our republic understood that it is impossible to have an imperial foreign policy without an inflatable currency.
Long-time agent Richie Silverstein's far-sighted approach to booking mounts for the Fairplex Park meet in September set the stage for Pedroza's surge.
As we age and get more far-sighted there should be a better result for heads-up displays, but right now we really don't know which is better," he says.
The firm's far-sighted memorandum of association in 1906 referred to its aim to provide engines and vehicles "for use on land, or water, or in the air".
It was founded in 1976 by group of far-sighted people who saw government control steadily encircling other universities, dependent as they are on state funding.
Second, SAIT offers the industry's most far-sighted roadmap for compatible growth, pointing to a future that's both brighter and much closer than many had thought possible.
Wouldn't it be great if Georgia were in the forefront of this groundbreaking legislation that shows such far-sighted thinking
I congratulate these two associations, as well as all of you who perform this far-sighted service to music.