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Today I was notified that a woman of the middle class would be killed in Golden Gate Park, in faraway San Francisco.
Karl Yundt had come too, once, led under the arm by that "wicked old housekeeper of his." He was "a disgusting old man." Of Comrade Ossipon, whom she had received curtly, entrenched behind the counter with a stony face and a faraway gaze, she said nothing, her mental reference to the robust anarchist being marked by a short pause, with the faintest possible blush.
He saw himself--at best--leading a miserable existence under police supervision, in some small, faraway provincial town, without friends to assist his necessities or even take any steps to alleviate his lot--as others had.
The walker in the familiar fields which stretch around my native town sometimes finds himself in another land than is described in their owners' deeds, as it were in some faraway field on the confines of the actual Concord, where her jurisdiction ceases, and the idea which the word Concord suggests ceases to be suggested.
Researchers are eager to weigh distant galaxies and determine the rate at which these faraway objects grow heavier over time because such data can distinguish between models of galaxy formation.
When it comes to masculine expectations, though, Australia is not much different from such faraway lands as America.
This two-miler seems to rest between Faraway Lady and Top Tenor on the book, and rather than speculate on the possibility of the latter improving for the step-up in trip, let's side with the proven distance form of Faraway Lady.
Her fear of her stepfather's rage and her guilt cause her to start running--presumably to find her father in a faraway town.
These references accumulate to create an acoustic space for imagination that inevitably overflows with images of faraway harbors on faraway coasts.
It counted faint, faraway galaxies in the tiny patch of sky called the Hubble Deep Field, which was scrutinized by the Hubble Space Telescope.
Chua is interested in the dangers of romantic obsession and the difference between personal and national identity, but his big themes are over-shadowed by warm, concise prose and a simple tale of two lovers in a faraway land.
Another unexposed filly to note at Yarmouth is Faraway Lady in the Angels Gentleman's Club Handicap (8.30).